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News and Updates
New Account Interface Upgraded.
Dear Members&Visitors,

We are collect a lot of question from our members every day,so we need to improve details of Hourcoins ,it will help user to work with BTCHOME.BIZ easily.

[Solved]Problem Details
1.We are already add login link on the top of page for new member to login easily.

2.We are add tips on sign up page,most of user dont know whats is pin code,its customize number like 12345,you will use it when you withdraw your money like second password.

3.A friendly interface of account page,its will easy to let you know how much you can withdraw and total earning.

We will keep improve Hourcoins and keep help members to earn profit on Hourcoins.

If you have any problems,please let me know.

Best regards,
BTCHOME.BIZ Support Team
Ethan Hawke, CEO.

Feb-17-2017 07:35:08 AM

Some members write wrong account numbers.ADVCASH acc should be email, like acc should be PXXXX. Perfectmoney acc should be UXXXX.Please check your accounts,so that you can get instant withdraw!

Best Regards
BTCHOME.BIZ Support Team

Jan-12-2017 10:24:25 AM


Best Regards
BTCHOME.BIZ Support Team

Jan-1-2017 03:56:15 AM

Today is thanks giving day. The best wishes to you and your family!

Best Regards
BTCHOME.BIZ Support Team

Nov-24-2016 01:22:24 AM

Dear Members and Guest:

We are very glad to tell you that we have successfully completed 300 days landmark along with 9000+ valuable members. We are now more stable and this all owing to our respected members & monitors. Both are working with us with dignity.

Many members came and ask a frequent question from us that how long we will go. Now the answer is that we are working with Faith and Loyalty. We are not here to close the company in short period so we will go long and have no plan to close the company.

In the last a very important point to discuss for those members who uses Bitcoin wallet. When they send payments they copy the address to send but some of them did not copy and paste the amount in BTC (Which is on address page) as that amount contain a (Very minimal) fee of coin payment system. If they do not pay that fee their payment causes payment cancelled or time out. Which creates a difficulty not for us but payer also as they have to go through the process of refund which is time consuming and hectic.

So a humble request that please copy paste the amount from the address page also.
In the end once again thanks to all our valuable members.

Best regards,
BTCHOME.BIZ Support Team

Oct-12-2016 10:39:41 AM

Advcash is added in our payment processor system. You can deposit and withdraw by Advcash now. And it is also instant payment.
Good Luck !

Best Regards
BTCHOME.BIZ Support Team

Aug-15-2016 09:16:38 AM

Dear Members and Guests!

We are very pleased to announce that today we have successfully completed six months. This is all due to your cooperation and trust on us. Especially thanks for all member helped us in our start up. We are very grateful to them from the core of our heart. Admin and all team members want to run this program very long if your cooperation will be with us. With our long term commitment & loss-avoidance strategy, we are starting representatives program. We will announce the details on representative page on our site soon.

Once again thanks to our valued members.

Best regards,
BTCHOME.BIZ Support Team

Jun-21-2016 03:26:27 PM

We are glad to info that Bitcoin is accepted as our new payment processor. Hope you may enjoy this.

Best regards,
BTCHOME.BIZ Support Team

May-10-2016 10:24:03 AM

Dear Members and Guests:

Today We at Ltd are very pleased to announce that we have completed 3 month successfully.
During our journey there were many ups & downs, tackled successfully with help & trust of our valuable members. Therefore especially we are very thankful to our members along with monitoring services to stand with us & helping us to grow for a reputable & stable position.
Now we are more stable than our launch & we hope to have your valuable co-operation in future as well & we promise to keep you up & running with cherished share of earnings
Thank you ALL

Best Regards
BTCHOME.BIZ Support Team

Mar-18-2016 07:32:05 AM

Respected Members and Guests:

First of all, I want to thanks all of you for being with us on the platform of We are growing day by day and the growing ratio is excellent.
In few weeks we have 1500+ accounts and have many VIP members with us. This all happens with your cooperation and trust on us.

Secondly, I want to discuss an important matter with you and that is many members when ask for withdrawal forget to provide their e_currency account. This happens in delay in proceeding the withdrawals.

Its a humble request with all the members that before asking withdrawal always check the accounts details.

Best Regards
BTCHOME.BIZ Support Team

Feb-20-2016 11:19:59 AM

The New Year is coming.
Wishing you all the blessings of a beautiful New Year season.

Best regards,
BTCHOME.BIZ Support Team

Jan-1-2016 10:06:15 AM

Warm greetings and best wishes for Christmas to all our members.
Enjoy your happiness in this good Festival. As all our staff are in vacation, the payments will stop for a week.

Best regards,
BTCHOME.BIZ Support Team

Dec-25-2015 09:15:38 AM

Dear Members and Guest:

After couple of hours of down time earning hike is back to normal and working fine. It is a humble request to all the members that please check your account thoroughly and if any change occurred inform us immediately.


Dec-22-2015 08:07:35 AM

Respected visitors and investors!

Today on 18th December 2015, we have decided to launch a new online investment platform of

Many of you are already aware that we have been working hard over the past 18 months to be able to get to where we are today and be ready to move forward with this exciting new venture.

From now each user of our platform can open a deposit and make a profit with the company.
We start our online services from today to the investors for all over the world. Welcome on board of Good Luck !

Thank you all, over to you (Ethan Hawke).

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